Dynamic Web Services

Description Dynamic Web Services is a project to develop a way to implement "web services" (by the common definition) from simple configuration files read at run time.  The initial service implementations supported are SQL queries, so the result of the service invocation will be the results of the corresponding query formatted by whichever standard is specified.
Purpose Initially the primary motivation is to aid the development of AJAX web sites that perform RPC calls which translate well into one SQL query.  

Neither the architectural approach or implementation language (Haskell) are popular or proven technologies, but they do show great promise in keeping development simple.  Their initial learning curve is another matter entirely ;)
Status The current implementation is a prototype, and it has undergone only light internal use. Current evaluation is that the basic structure and approach is sound and the rest of the implementation items need to be completed before any kind of externally usable release can be made available.

Implemented calling conventions:
  • URL encoded parameters (HTTP GET)
  • simple XML output
  • simple JSON output
  • JSON output in the form of a supplied callback function
Front end/server frameworks in use:
  • HAppS
  • Simple internal HTTP server
  • CGI (not maintained)

Back end interfaces:
  • HDBC {PostgreSQL, ODBC in future}
Source The project is GPL licensed and any contributions are welcome, send a message to the project admin.

Sourceforge project page

Outstanding implementation items: